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Duck Viral Hepatitis  Attenuated Vaccine, Live(CH60)

Product Name

Duck Viral Hepatitis Attenuated Vaccine, Live(Strain CH60)


This vaccine is a freeze-dried preparation of passaged attenuated duck viral hepatitis virus grown on embryonated eggs. Each dose contains at least 104ELD50 duck viral hepatitis type I  virus (Strain CH60).


The appearance of the vaccine shows slightly red spongy loose block-shape,and dissolve rapidly when rehydrated with diluent..


Vaccination for prevention the infection caused by duck viral hepatitis virus type in the young duckduckling) below one week. Immunity can be induced in partial young ducks in 3-5 days after vaccination, while a powerful immunity can be built up in 7 days after inoculation. The duration of immunity in the ducks is above one month. The best time to vaccinate for the duck with maternal antibody is one day of age. Adult duck vaccinated with the vaccine before laying eggs can provide the protection to the offsprings through passive maternal antibody. The filial generation can gain a good immunity protection at 14 days after the inoculation in parental generation. The duration of passive immunity in the offsprings is 6 months.

Administration and Dosage

Rehydrate with normal saline following the leaflet Administer 0.25ml(one dose) intramuscularly in leg to the young duck of 1-7 days of age,  and administer 1 ml (one dose) to the adult duck of 22-24 weeks of age(one week before laying eggs).

Side Effects None


1.Check carefully the vacuum condition in the vials before use, and make sure the vaccine not going mouldy.

2.Vaccination of healthy ducks is recommended.

3. Sterilized syringes and needles should be used to administer the vaccine. injection site should be sterilized with 5% tincture iodine.

4.Rehydrated vaccine should be used within 4 hours and stored at cool dark place.

Storage and validity

The validity is 18 months if stored below 0, validity  is only 12 months if stored at 4-10.


200 doses/bottle, 500 doses ml/bottle, 1000 doses/bottle.

Package 10 bottles/box

Manufactured by Huapai Bio-engineering Group Co., Ltd.