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Newcastle Disease and  Avian Influenza(H9) Vaccine Inactivated(La Sota +HN106)

Product Name

Newcastle Disease and Avian Influenza (H9 subtype) Vaccine,Inactivated

(Strain La Sota+Strain HN106)


Vaccine contains Newcastle disease inactivated virus strain La Sota (Virus≥2X108.0EID50/0.lml before inactivated ),and Avian Influenza H9 subtype virus Strai HN106( Virus≥2X107.0EID50/0.1ml before inactivated)

Characteristics Milk white emulsion


For prevention of Avian Influenza caused by Newcastle Disease virus  and Avian Influenza virus , immune period is 4 months.

Administration & Dosage

Do the subcutaneous or intramuscular injection at neck, 0.3 ml for a 1-5 weeks old chicken ,and 0.5ml for a chicken above 5 weeks old  .

Side Effects None


1.This vaccination should only be indicated for the health chicken groups,do not use to the sick or weak group.

2.Do not freeze ! Do not use after the demulsification.

3.Keep the vaccine at the room temperature and shake it completely before vaccination.

4.Entire content should be used in 24 hours once opened.

5.Articles ,such as syringe needles, should be done disinfection before vaccination.

6.Used vaccine bottles,articles and the rest vaccine should do the harmless treatment.

Specification 250ml/bottle

Storage and Validity

Store at 2-8℃,validity 12 months

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