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Swine Fever Thermo-stable  Vaccine, Live (Tissue Culture  Orign)

Product Name

Swine Fever Thermo-stable Vaccine, Live(Tissue Culture Origin)


This vaccine is a freeze-dried preparation of passaged attenuated classical fever virus grown on an primary bovine testis cell.


The appearance of the vaccine shows ivory white, spongy, loose block-shape, the vaccine dissolves rapidly when rehydrated with normal saline.


Vaccination for the prevention of infections in swine caused by classical swine fever virus. The immunity can be induced 4 days after vaccination. The weaned piglets free of maternal antibody against classical swine fever are vaccinated, and the duration of immunity in the piglets is 12 months.

Administration and Dosage

1. Aseptically Rehydrate the vaccine with accompanying sterile diluent, shake well, and administer 1.0 intramuscularly or Subcutaneously to all kinds of pigs.

2.In the areas unaffected by classical swine fever, the piglets free of maternal antibody against classical swine fever virus are vaccinated with a single dose. while the areas affected by classical swine fever, primary vaccination is administered at 23-30 days of age, boostering vaccination is administered at 65 days of age.

3.To avoid the interference of the maternal antibody to potency of the vaccine, administera single 4 doses to the unweaned piglets.

Side Effects None


1.As with many vaccines, anaphylaxis may occur after use. observe carefully after injection,  administer the anti-allergy-drug if allergy exist.

2.The Vaccine should be transported at 2-8.

3. Containers, articles, and all unused contents should be treated innocently.


20 doses/vial, 40 doses/vial, 50 doses/vial, 60 doses/vial.


10 vials/box

Storage and Validity

Store at 2-8, the validity is 24 months

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