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Pseudorabies Vaccine, Live (Strain Bartha-K61)

Product Name

Pseudorabies  Vaccine, Live(Strain Bartha-K61)


Product contains Pseudorabies virus (Strain Bartha-K61), and each dose contains the virus content at least 5X10 3.0 TCID50


Yellowish loose spongy block, easy to take out and dissolved rapidly after adding PBS


To prevent the Pseudorabies (pigs), immunity can be developed 6 days after vaccination ,and the duration of the immunity can persist 12months.

Administration and  Dosage

Intramuscular injection, according to the vial label to rehydrate the vaccine with PBS, make sure each ml contains one dose,2.0ml for a pregnant sow or adult pigs,1.0ml for a piglet or feeder pig above 3 months of age,  for a suckling pig, 0.5 ml at the first vaccination, vaccinate 1.0 ml again after weaning .

Side Effects  None


1.Use the entire contents in the same day when rehydrated

2.Partly disinfection is indeed when take the vaccination

3.The best time for a pregnant sow to vaccinate is 21-28 days before farrowing, the maternal antibody of the baby piglet can persist 21 to 28 days, after than, also need to the vaccinate the suckling pigs and pigs after weaning. If the sow have not take vaccination with this vaccine, take vaccination to the baby piglet within 7 days after birth ,and vaccinate again after weaning .

4.This vaccine is used for the disease pollution area, can be indicated to not only the pigs with this disease , but also the pigs without clinical manifestation

5.Used vials,articles, unused vaccine should be treated innocently


10 doses/vial,20 doses/vial,50 doses/vial, 100 doses/vial

Package 10 vals/box

Storage and Validity

Store at 2-8, the validity is 9 months . And validity is 18 months if store below -20

Manufactured by Huapai Bio-engineering Group Co., Ltd.