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Classical Swine Fever Vaccine, Live (Rabbit Origin)

Product Name

Classical Swine Fever Vaccine, Live(Rabbit Origin)


Contains Hog cholera virus strain C (Rabbit splenic tissue virus, CVCC AV1412 ), each dose for one pig have at  least 150 Rabbit infective dose.

Characteristics Faint red Spongy loose conglomeration,easy to take out and dissolves rapidly when Rehydrated with the  diluent


To prevent Swine fever , immunity developed 4 days after vaccination, and the duration of the immunity for the piglet without  maternal antibody can persist 18 months.

Administration and Dosage Intramuscular or subcutaneous injection

1.Add the normal saline to do dilution follow the vial label, one dose per ml, and 1.0ml for one pig

2.At the region without swine fever pollution, do one vaccination to the piglet without maternal antibody after weaning,otherwise, vaccinate the piglet one time at the 21-30 days of age and 65 days of age.

Side Effects

Check carefully after vaccination, inject the anti-allergy-drug,like adrenaline or epinephrine,if Allergy exist.


1.Do the refrigerated shipment or  transport  below 8℃.

2.After  received the refrigerated vaccine ,if store at 8-25℃,  use the entire vaccine within 10 days since received the vaccine.

3.Do the partly disinfection before vaccination.

4.After diluted, use the entire content within 6 hours if temperature below 15℃, while the temperature is 15-27℃,should use all vaccine up within 3 hours.

5.Unused vaccine, vaccine vials and injector should do the innocent treatment.


5 doses/vial,10 doses/vial,20 doses/vial, 50 doses/vial, 100 doses/vial

Package 10 vials/box

Storage and Validity

Store at temperature below -15℃,and the validity is 12 months.

Manufactured by Huapai Bio-engineering Group Co., Ltd.