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Swine Enzootic Pneumonia Vaccine, Inactivated

Product Name

Swine Enzootic Pneumonia Vaccine, Inactivated


This vaccine is a oil-in-water emulsions of inactivated whole cell porcine pneumonia mycoplasma, One dose contains at least 1.6×10 8.0 CCU inactivated porcine pneumonia mycoplasma.


The appearance of the vaccine shows milkiness to yellow-white emulsion.


Vaccination for the prevention of infections in swine caused by mycoplasma hyopneumoniae.

Administration and Dosage

The product is for use in healthy piglets of 7 days of age or older, sows and boars. Administrate 1 dose (2ml) Intramuscularly to each one. Pigs are given 1 dose twice with 2 weeks interval.  Breeding pigs are given 1 dose with a half year interval.


1.Only indicated to the healthy pigs.

2.Do not freeze and expose to higher temperatures for a long time.

3.Shake well and keep the vaccine at room temperature for 1-2 hours before use.

4.Sterilize with Iodine tincture at injection site, deiodinate with alcohol cotton.

5.Use the entire contents when first opened, all unused contents, container and syringes should  be treated innocently.

6. If anaphylaxis occur after use, initial antidote of epinephrine is recommended.


20ml/vial, 50ml/vial, 100ml/vial, 250ml/vial

Storage and Validity

Store at 2-8℃, the validity is 24 months

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