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Combined vaccine (Strain La Sota+Strain M41+Strain HE02)

Product Name

Newcastle Disease,Infectious Bronchitis,Egg Drop Syndrome Disease Vaccine,

Inactivated(Strain La Sota+Strain M41+Strain HE02)


Vaccine contains Newcastle Disease inactivated virus (Strain La Sota 33X108.0EID50/0.lml before inactivated ),Infectious Bronchitis virus strain M41( virus 3X106.0EID50/0.1ml  before inactivated) and Egg Drop Syndrome Disease virus strain HE02 (virus3X106.0TCID50/ml before inactivated).

Characteristics Milk white emulsion


For prevention of Newcastle Disease, Infectious Bronchitis and Egg Drop Syndrome Disease,immune period is 5 months.

Administration & Dosage

0.5ml for the layer or breeding hen one month before laying eggs, and do the subcutaneous or

intramuscular injection at neck

Side Effects None


1.This vaccination should only be indicated for the health chicken groups,do not use to the sick and the weak chickens.

2.No Freezing !Check carefully,Do not use if vaccine contains the demulsification and impurity.

3.Keep the Vaccine at the normal(room) temperature and shake it completely before vaccination

4.Vaccine should be used up in 24 hours once opened.

5.Both the injection site and articles ,such as syringe needles, should be done disinfection before vaccination.

Specification 100ml/bottle,250ml/bottle,500ml/bottle

Package100 bottles/ctn 40 bottles/ctn,20 bottles/ctn

Storage and Validity

Store at 2-8,validity 12 months

Manufactured by Huapai Bio-engineering Group Co., Ltd.

Only applied under the guidance of veterinarian